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Pre-Operative Info

Guidelines for owners of cats and dogs to be admitted for an operation

The following information is the pre-operative advice we recommend for your dog or cat, if they are coming in the next day to stay with us for a general anaesthetic.

Any anaesthetic and surgical procedure carries a degree of risk. Every effort is made to reduce this to an absolute minimum and these notes are intended to advise you on how best to help your pet.

We use modern anaesthetic agents to ensure safer operations, fewer side effects and a smooth rapid recovery from anaesthesia.

Feeding Requirements

Starve of food from 12:00pm (Midnight) the previous evening. Access to drinking water can be allowed up till you leave for your admission appointment. Please keep cats inside overnight with a litter tray.

Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Test

This is a service offered at an additional fee of £40.00. If requested, on the morning of admission we are able to take a blood sample for analysis which enables us to assess more accurately the risk of the anaesthetic procedure to your animal. For more information that explains the laboratory tests in detail and the reasons why we recommend them, please click here.

Intra-Venous Fluid Therapy

This is a service offered at an additional fee from £30.00. It is something that we would recommend for procedures that last longer than 30 minutes, as it allows us to maintain your pets' blood pressure at normal levels, supports hydration status through-out the procedure and provides access for intra-venous injections.


It is advisable to ensure that all animals are fully vaccinated before admission to hospital. Please discuss your pets' vaccination status with the nurse or veterinary surgeon if you are unsure.

Other Notes

Please exercise your pet before admission as they will feel more comfortable if they have been able to empty their bowel and bladder.

Ensure that your dog has a properly fitting collar.

We will label any leads or cat baskets left at the surgery.

If your pet is nervous or difficult to handle, please make sure that the nurse who admits him / her is aware of this, and we will do our best to accomodate them.

Admission Times

Admission times are by appointment from 8:30am. Animals may be admitted on the evening prior to surgery by arrangement but may incur a boarding fee. In exceptional circumstances other times can be arranged. When leaving your pet you will be asked to sign a consent form giving us permission to carry out the arranged procedure and any other treatment deemed necessary.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT WE HAVE A TELEPHONE NUMBER THAT WE CAN CONTACT YOU ON AT ALL TIMES DURING THE DAY. This is VERY important as we need to be able to contact you throughout, to discuss results, options and in case of any emergency.

We will also phone you in the afternoon to let you know how your pet is getting on and confirm collection time.


Patients that are admitted for the day for operations or investigations are discharged by appointment between 4:00pm and 7:00pm. An appointment can be made at the time of admission or by contacting the surgery during the afternoon.


Payment is required at the time of collection of your pet. We accept most major credit cards.

The operation is fully inclusive of one post-operative examination and removal of sutures. Any further consultations with the veterinary surgeon will be chargeable.

If you have any questions or queries about the procedure, or in general, then please don't hestiate to contact us to speak to one of our veterinary surgeons or veterinary nurses.

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