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Puppy Pre-school

Run by our nursing team in Peterborough

Puppy socialisation classes are held every Friday evening at 7:45pm-8:30pm. This is a complementary service offered alongside the puppy primary vaccination course. 

These classes are run by our experienced Registered Veterinary Nurse, Megan Brailsford and Student Veterinary Nurse Katherine Hilliard. Megan has many years experience working with puppies and young dogs and has a keen interest in their development and behaviour. Katherine Hilliard is currently studying Veterinary Nursing at University and has a keen interest in the behaviour and training of puppies. 

The optimum period for puppies to learn social skills is between 4 - 16 weeks of age. At this age puppies should be exposed to as many new sights, sounds and life situations to help prevent the development of phobias.

The aim of the Puppy Pre-school is to provide socialisation, the opportunity for your puppy to meet other puppies in a controlled environment to learn appropriate interactions with others. We will be able to advise on a wide range of husbandry issues common to puppies and young dogs. We also aim to provide owners with a basic understanding of canine behaviour, enabling them to communicate more effectively with their dog.

By enjoying Puppy Pre-school in our practice, your puppy will associate the practice with positive experiences, making future visits less stressful when your dog needs to visit us for vaccinations or treatments. We aim to ensure that puppies who visit our practice have the best experience possible.

If you would like to book your puppy onto one of our puppy pre-schools, please contact our reception staff on 01733 893990 or email us at info@hamptonvets.co.uk