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Taz, a Guide Dog's Tale

Taz came to us at six weeks old as one of six puppies, he was the only black one.  I was his puppy walker, he was an adorable puppy and slept on my feet at any opportunity. He was also an escape artist, he could crawl under anything or climb over it. We entered Taz into the Hampton Hargate School pet show in 2006 at about 6 months old and he won first prize! He was so full of life and beautiful to look at. The award was presented by Hampton Veterinary Centre!


Taz left us at 13 months to go and do what he was born for, to be a Guide Dog. We went to see him when he completed his training before placement, not expecting him to remember us but he went bananas! He was squeaking and jumping on us, he was such a happy dog it was lovely to see and whilst sad for us, I was really proud we had helped make him what he had become. Taz qualified in October 2007.


Taz was placed with a lady in Cardiff and was with her for two years. Due to some personal circumstances Taz had to go back into training and was placed with another owner and again lived happily there for two years until sadly his owner got too sick to be able to go out. So rather than put Taz through a retraining  and another new owner (which could also mean yet another owner when he finally retired), they decided to retire him and gave us a call,. As the original puppy walker we were given first choice to have him home - There was no way we weren’t having him back!


I went to collect Taz on the 10th October 2012, I hoped he would remember me but as he was now six and a half years old it was a stretch I thought. The GD lady was by her car when I said 'Hello' and Taz was stood by her, his ears pricked up and I said “Hello Tazzie boy”, he stared really intently at me and then dragged her over to me as fast as he could, he was squeaking and jumping up at my face, he went bananas  - the GD lady said “Wow he remembers you”. My daughters got out as well and it took a long time to calm Taz down, he jumped straight in our car ready to go!


Taz is just how I remember him,  a wonderful, cuddly, big bear of a dog. He loves contact and being close, for him there is nothing better than being laid beside me on the sofa.  Beau, our  two years old, wasn’t sure at first but is now getting used to him and seems to like having a friend.


We are just happy we got an opportunity to have Taz back and we spend time making sure his days are happy.


The Guide Dogs website is  if you would like any information on sponsoring a puppy, puppy training, raising funds for them etc


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Photo 1.            

Taz on the day he arrived, 6 weeks old.

Taz1 Taz2 Taz3

Photo 2.              

Taz, approx 4 months old.

Photo 3.              

Taz, approx 6 months old.

Taz4 Taz5 Taz6 Taz8 Taz7 Taz9 Taz10

Photo 4.

Taz, approx. 10 months old.

Photo 5.

Taz, a year old.

Photo 6.              

Taz at 13 months, heading off to be a Guide Dog.

Photo 7.

Taz, qualified as a Guide Dog.

Photo 8.

Taz's details posted in 'Forward' – The official Guide Dog magazine, with the history of all puppies hatched, matched and dispatched.

Photo 9.

Taz at his new owners home.

Photo 10.

Taz and Beau 2012.